Do you have questions about your personal page in Ideaalnet?


Login questions

  • You probably did not enter a mobile number when you registered or you entered a wrong telephone number. Please call our helpdesk, they can check and change this with you.
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  • Your data are safe within the school environment and are not visible to the supplier. Only the order(s) you have entered and paid for will be processed by the supplier for delivery, warranty service etc.
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Questions about your order

  • If the colour is not listed then unfortunately it is not available.
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  • Open, unpaid orders with status “Not active/waiting” can be deleted by clicking on the “Cancel” button. This can be found under “Orders”.
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  • Click on your “shopping cart”;
  • On the bottom left you will see a button with “back”;
  • By clicking on it, you will return to the webshop;
  • In the webshop, you will see which product/bundle you have selected (the selection button will bencoloured GREEN);
  • By clicking on the GREEN coloured button again, you will undo the selection.
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